Jan 102015


Here are my ‪#‎GOALS‬ FOR 2015:

1. Take care of our wills. (Documents have arrived)
2. Motivate FIVE other people to set goals for 2015 (2 of 5)
3. 15 Date Nights with my wife
4. Travel to Florida, Wisconsin Dells, and St. Louis for family vacations w/o using credit cards
5. Attend a DDP YOGA workshop (Booked my spot at Hammer’s Energy FitnessLLC on March 21)
6. Become certified in DDP YOGA
7. Increase the Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class by 10 students (2 of 10)
8. Hit 185 Pounds
9. Add one story a week to the story book I am making for my daughters
10. Raise $5,000 for Relay For Life of McLean County Illinois

I hope this post has motivated you to set GOALS and not resolutions for 2015 (See #2).

Nov 262014

IrockPopEvil540ClickOn November 25, 2014 I had the privilege of interviewing Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil prior to their stop in Bloomington, Illinois to kick off their Set In Stone tour with Red Sun Rising, Letters from the Fire and Islander at The Castle Theatre.

It’s always great to hear the stories bands have to share and you never know where the interview may go.  So give the interview a listen and the next time you happen to be in the mall, that just might be your favorite band working at the phone kiosk.

I hope you enjoy the interview.


Jun 192014

2014-06-19 12.26.06

I had the privilege of doing an interview with Emma Sprouse who is a 6-year old who is racing Quarter Midgets with the Abraham Lincoln Quarter Midget Association out of Broadwell.

She’s currently looking for sponsors and I made sure that she understands the importance of taking care of the sponsors as I hit her with the hard hitting questions during the interview.

If you have a child that is a fan of racing, be sure to check out the action of the A.L.Q.M.A out of Broadwell.


If you’re business would like to sponsor this rising star, finder her on FACEBOOK and here’s the first interview given by Emma Sprouse:

May 242014

Cha Cha Chandler Logosad-ver-tis-ing   noun. the act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., 

I was going through my Facebook wall and was reading some of the posts made by my “friends” that were sharing their thoughts on the “sheep that were being brainwashed by the media to buy products they do not need or to watch various television shows or movies”.  He encouraged his friends to breakaway from the reliance on media telling them what to wear, drive, eat, and how to think.  He wrote about how much he dislikes advertising/marketing and that he doesn’t want to be a “cog in the wheel”. Continue reading »

May 172014

IrockFreakWarrantOn Saturday May 10th, WARRANT was scheduled to play a benefit concert for the November 17th Tornado Victims in Washington, Illinois. Now depending on who you speak with you will get different stories as to why the concert did not happen at the original venue and why WARRANT ended up pulling out of the show at Freakster’s Roadhouse.

Facebook blew up with a lot of negative feedback on the band and on Monday May 12th, I too took to Facebook looking for answers and even offered WARRANT the opportunity to come on to my show to give their side of the events that led to them not headlining the show the day of the event.

Well METAL SLUDGE picked up the story. You can see it here.

A few days later, WARRANT front man Robert Mason called me in the office to share his take, but didn’t want to go on the air.

WARRANT has since released a Press Release on the situation that was picked up by Metal Sludge that can be read here.

May 162014



I had the privilege of interviewing Chris Jericho from FOZZY prior to their May 16, 2014 concert at Freakster’s Roadhouse in Pontiac. We hit on the tour, how he stays focused with all of his projects, we hit on his 4-years of doing DDP YOGA, as well as if there is a return to the ring in his future.

If you missed the interview, here it is along with their new single “Lights Go Out”.




May 022014

2014-05-02 09.33.44I had the privilege to interview Tom Arnold during his stay in Bloomington. We talked about his weight loss, his boy Jax, as well as his appearance at the Roast of Roseanne. He was truly genuine and complimented me on my production of the interview.