Jan 102015


Here are my ‪#‎GOALS‬ FOR 2015:

1. Take care of our wills. (Documents have arrived)
2. Motivate FIVE other people to set goals for 2015 (2 of 5)
3. 15 Date Nights with my wife
4. Travel to Florida, Wisconsin Dells, and St. Louis for family vacations w/o using credit cards
5. Attend a DDP YOGA workshop (Booked my spot at Hammer’s Energy FitnessLLC on March 21)
6. Become certified in DDP YOGA
7. Increase the Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class by 10 students (2 of 10)
8. Hit 185 Pounds
9. Add one story a week to the story book I am making for my daughters
10. Raise $5,000 for Relay For Life of McLean County Illinois

I hope this post has motivated you to set GOALS and not resolutions for 2015 (See #2).

Oct 292013

logoOn October 24th I flew to Florida for the opportunity to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with several Robson Moura Nova União Black Belts and roughly 100 students from that association that ranged from White to Brown Belts over the course of the weekend.

I thought it would be a nice surprise to visit with my parents while I as in the Sunshine State so the PLAN was to stop by on my way back from Tampa on Sunday.  Little did I know that my mom had made homemade pasta and was waiting for my plane to land to hatch her plan.  Once I landed I sent a text to my family to let them know I landed and was gearing up for the 2-hour drive to Tampa.

My mom called to ask what I was doing for dinner and when I told her that I was going to pick something up on my way to Tampa; she replied with the fact that she and my dad are on my way to Tampa.  So I agreed to add an hour to my trip to go 20-minutes off my route to visit with them for 20-minutes so I could be at the hotel around 12:30AM Friday morning. Continue reading »

Sep 242013

Henry Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Logo

When I first started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I thought I had to win every time that I went out on the mat for class to show my instructor and teammates that I was improving in my game.  To me (at the time) being submitted by my teammate simply showed everyone that I wasn’t that good.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a way of quickly humbling you.

Over time and by being submitted A LOT by teammates that had more knowledge than me, I started to realize that THIS was the way to show that I was getting better.  Not just to my teammates, but to myself.

Sure, I was submitted, but I had to defend their four previous submission attempts before they moved on to their fifth attempt to finally get me.  THAT is a victory.


You need to remember that when you are rolling with people that have more experience and knowledge, they should be able to submit you on THEIR terms.  They are not catching a break when they secure a submission; they have spent a lot of time on the mat working that submission over and over again.

The next time you hit the mat, keep this in mind and take pride in understanding that you are always learning.