2013 Goals


These were the Goals I had for 2013:

01. Take care of my living will. STILL NEED TO DO
02. Payoff that American Express Card! – HAVE CUT IT IN HALF
03. Travel with my family to see my Sister & Brother-In-Law in AZ – FOR 2014
04. Motivate someone to set goals for themselves. (DONE)
05. Compete in 4 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments(ONLY COMPETED IN 3)
06. Go on TWELVE Dates with just my wife. DONE
07. Host a DDPYOGA Workshop – FOR 2014
08. Train 250 Hours with Henry Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- Team RMNU (DONE – Finished w 318)
09. Go to Vegas with my wife. (Molly made it to Vegas, I did not)
10. Go to The Bahamas with my wife.Cruise turned out to be a scam, so this is a no.

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