Mar 152014

large center for repair 2If you are reading this, you have come to my website that I created back in September as a way to generate additional income through freelance work that I have  been doing for the past two years that includes copy writing, voice work, and audio production for businesses around the globe, as well as website designs and to host the podcasts that I recently started doing.

The reason behind this blog is due to the conversation that I just had with one of  my clients who pays me to work on his website.  It’s fitting that his website is to showcase the watches that he repairs and sells as this blog is about the VALUE of YOUR time.

You see, he gave me a call concerning the site and to run some ideas past me, which I am okay with as it wasn’t at a strange hour of the day and it’s a part of my service contract with his site.  After our 15-minute call, he thanked me for my time and informed me that he was going to send me another payment to cover what I would typically charge of an hour as a “consultation fee” because as he put it: “I’d rather pay you your hourly fee for these past 15-minutes, rather than attempt to make the changes on my own, only to waste 2-hours and end up with a messed up site.”  My clients get it.  Do you? Continue reading »