Jan 122014

Roy Williams Advertising Not Working


So you feel that the money you’re investing to advertise your business just isn’t working.  You feel that the account representative failed you and they simply took your money.

When it comes to the advertisement, what is the message that you are trying to get across to the audience?  Do you have a SINGLE, EASY TO REMEMBER, and WELL CRAFTED MESSAGE in your ad or are there multiple messages that you are attempting to get across?

In my career I have heard many advertisements on the radio, on different stations, and some of the businesses are now out of business.  Some of the businesses that remain in business today may not have been happy with the results of their marketing, so they simply pulled their advertising dollars.

What are you doing to build upon your marketing?  Are you simply hoping that the marketing campaign will turn your business around and open the wallets of potential customers? Continue reading »

Jan 042014

Going Out of Business

So you took the risk to open a business.

Your friends raved about your skills.  Whether it was your cooking, your artwork, your woodworking, or your ability to repair cars.

You found a location, came up with a business plan, and found a bank that would give you the money to open up your business.  The BANK doesn’t care if you succeed or fail as they will get their money back one way or another.

Your friends like your business on Facebook and they check in every time that they come in to your business to help promote you to their friends, but you really need to have a plan.

If you do not know anything about me, here’s what you need to know:  I’ve been working in broadcasting since 1999 and I have seen plenty of businesses come and go.  I’ve been to plenty of these businesses and their friends were there from time to time and I would have to admit, the food was good.

However, I cannot dine out EVERY NIGHT.  Nobody I know of can dine out every night, yet the AVERAGE DINER will shell out over $2,500 dining out this year.

Product, Location, and Marketing are the Triple Threat to a successful business. Continue reading »

Dec 122013

I had a great conversation with a friend the other day about Marketing and Tattoos; that’s when it hit me that they are both one in the same.

You wouldn’t rush into a tattoo parlor, grab the first artist you see and expect them to knock out the amazing piece of work you have envisioned in your head within the next two-hours. So why would you expect to get amazing results from your marketing campaign within the first week, month, or 6-months of getting your message out into the public?

Another way marketing and tattoos are similar is that the really good ones are one of a kind. Again, do you really want to have the same tattoo that someone else has or do you want to share your ideas with the artist and allow them to use their skill to bring your idea to life? Keep this in mind when it comes to your marketing. Does the message in your ad sound just like your competitor’s ad?

If it does, don’t approve it.

Besides being on the air, I use my knowledge to write copy for businesses here in town as well as all over the country and world.

My first question I also ask my client: What is the goal of your ad?

If I don’t know what their goal is, I can write 100 scripts and never hit on the message that they want delivered. I need to ask them questions in order to deliver not only a commercial, but the first step in their advertising campaign.

My clients also understand that I’m not just looking for their money for the service I am providing them. They know that I’m looking at building a long SUCCESSFUL relationship with them. I know that when they like my work, see results, and are in need of new ideas, they will come to me for my services. When they succeed, I succeed.

Just like a great tattoo, you cannot rush a great marketing campaign. You need to understand going in that it will take time and be aware that there will be some pain. However, if you planned properly and are working with someone that is skilled and understands what YOUR are looking for as an end result, you will be pleased with the results.