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So I had the opportunity to be backstage during a WWE HOUSE SHOW tonight in Bloomington, Illinois where I met the Uso Brothers as part of a meet and greet contest with listeners of the radio station that I work for.  During our wait, I had a blast talking with the listeners and reminding them to use #WWEBLOOMINGTON as well as the Hash Tag created for the radio station contest that we were using as part of a WWE Contest we were wrapping up during the event.

A representative from the WWE jokingly offered me a job and I told them that I once applied to be a writer for the company around the time of the Monday Night Wars as there were a couple story lines I spouted off to my friends that came to fruition within a few months after the talk, including one that would have Shane and Stephanie buy the W.C.W and go head to head with Vince.

Well, if I could amuse you for a moment, I’d like to address how I would bring CM PUNK back into the company tomorrow night in Chicago, keeping in mind that Dave Meltzer has already reported that his source within the company is claiming that CM PUNK will in deed be at RAW in Chicago and that his departure from the company was a work to get even more buzz about Wrestlemania XXX.


RAW opens up with the crowd attempting to high jack the show with CM PUNK chants and Randy Orton’s music fires up and he comes to the ring to cut a promo.  He works with what the crowd is giving him, playing off of the CM PUNK chants and calls PUNK a quitter.  Camera pans the crowd to see that it is  filled with PUNK supporters, signs, fans in t-shirts, and hoodies.  Camera back on Randy who compares PUNK walking away from the WWE to Urlacher walking away from the Bears.

After a few minutes “Cult of Personality” fires up.  The crowd is going nuts, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL are just as shocked about his return.  Randy can’t believe it.  Cameras cut back to the announcers table who are giving PUNK’s history with the company.

Everything goes black.  Now Cole and company are wondering what’s going on, then we hear it….


Vince is back and comes down to address the crowd.  He gives his story on why he feels that the Best in the World, just isn’t the Best for the Company.  With the WWE bringing back the REAL Superstars like Hogan and ‘Taker for Wrestlemania, it only makes sense for Mr. McMahon to return to tell Chicago that PUNK was simply in it for PUNK, and not to better the WWE Brand. Vince goes on to give praise to Randy Orton, talks about all that Randy has done, and how fans should be cheering his name and wearing his t-shirts.

During this rant a fan wearing a CM PUNK Hoodie is tackled by security after jumping the rail.  Cole is playing up the Highjacking of RAW.  As the attention of Vince and Orton are on the fan, another fan jumps the rail and is taken down be security.  They turn to that fan an verbally abuse him and order security to remove him from the venue.

Now a third fan makes it into the ring.  He sends Vince over the ropes and hits the GTS on Orton.

The announcers are screaming for security as a PUNK Loyalist has attacked Mr. McMahon and Orton.  When the fan removes his hood, it’s CM PUNK, Chicago goes nuts!

Fire up “Cult of Personality”

PUNK and ORTON, main event on RAW: CHICAGO STREET FIGHT, falls count anywhere.  If Punk wins: He’s in the Main Event at Wrestlemania.  If he loses, he leaves for good.

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