Oct 082013

bjj tampaDon’t wait for you clients to call you with questions.  Be proactive when you are aware of an issue.

In April I placed an order on-line and a few weeks later I received part of my package without any explanation as to why the rest of my order was not included.

I needed to contact them.

I received an reply that the item in question was out of stock.

In July I followed up with them again and received another reply that the demand for the product was so high, that they were still trying to complete other orders.

In October, I found another site offering the exact same product and placed my order with them.  I was informed that that my order would be shipped to me within 3-business days.  I immediately went to the manufacture’s site to see if I was able to order the product that I have been waiting for since April.

Sure enough, I was able to order it.

I followed up my original e-mail, informing the business that I was able to order their product from a discount site and it was being shipped.  I also told them that their site did not indicate that it was still sold out, but rather the items were in stock.

They e-mailed me to let me know my order was now being processed.

Communicate with your clients.  Keep them in the loop, especially if they purchased something and it is currently out of stock.

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